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Are you looking for expert Pilates coaching in Central ?

Private Appointments

  • Personalised and in-depth instruction after detailed postural assessment;

  • High-quality coaching to correct form, enhance stability and increase strength & flexibility;

  • Unique, challenging and safe workouts that address body-conditioning issues and goals;

  • Post-rehab, pre and post natal, and athletic conditioning available.

Group Classes

  • Client-centered group classes designed to correct form, enhance stability and increase strength & flexibility;

  • Small-sized groups for more personalised service by talented and dynamic instructors;

  • Various kinds of Pilates, Ballet, Suspension Training classes;

  • Fun and challenging workouts in a safe and friendly environment.

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Empower Studio for Ballet
Empower Studio w/ Reformers

 The EMPOWER STUDIO  boasts a bright open feeling with sprung flooring by Harlequin. Join any and all of our new Pilates, Yoga and Movement classes that promise to meet your needs, and are designed to make optimal improvements to your body-conditioning GOALS.


  雙語課堂將以器械Refomer 為主,透過器械及墊上運動能幫助訓練核心肌肉及改善肌肉失衡,改善姿勢及腰背痛問題。同時,強化我們全身的肌肉,更重要把課堂的目標帶到日常生活中,幫助改善過往的不良習慣。 




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