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Here's what Clients are saying about Virtually Elevate


"I'm loving the online classes! It's good to keep a routine going and it's amazing how much you can achieve with a mat, resistance band and a kitchen chair! All properly supervised, encouraged and corrected by the instructors. A great initiative from the team and very well thought out sessions."

Chrissie loves the online Pilates group classes.


"Gym closed, volatile markets + young kid = back pain. Hence had my first session over Zoom. Surprisingly came away with 80-90% of a normal session. David and Kit were able to pick up more detail than I expected, fine tuning my posture which ensured the right muscles were worked hard/stretched/released. Came out of session feeling great. Part of my new normal with COVID- 19 social distancing."

Ben offers a testmonial for Elevate Pilates.


"I am so impressed how the Elevate team have moved to offering online classes. Both the group and private classes I have taken are as effective and well thought out as in the studio.  They keep my body in good form and are high points of my day in these crazy times."

Claire joins online private and group Pilates classes.


"I have never attended online workout classes before. I was so excited when Elevate introduced their private and group virtually elevate classes earlier this month. I find it such a brilliant idea. That means, in times when everyone has to stay confined at home, I would still be able to take my regular private workout sessions with my professional trainer at my own home. And it worked! I had two virtual sessions with David so far. I appreciate how David was able to oversee, correct and guide me along all my moves throughout the way. I felt so much connected with the Elevate spirit after each session!"

Josephine can do her Pilates while WFH.


"I joined Elevate virtual classes at the time that all gyms were closed... fortunately for us Elevate reacted very quickly and put together the virtual modality and all our amazing instructors using very user friendly technology for us to continue moving ( Zoom).

The classes are as good as the F2F and realising Katherine might have special powers like superwoman as she can correct you and check your posture through the camera! So no cheating! And she motivates you through the class so it is almost as good as being at studio.
I believe this is a good way to be active as I have to be sitting all day long during teleconferences. My back and neck were very sore and after class I can appreciate the difference. 
On top of everything, the final stretching is amazing and releases all the tense muscles 
So give it a try is worthy!"

Maru does her Pilates classes on Zoom while she is overseas.


"It is nice to get back into the routine with my weekly zoom private class.   It is amazing how much you can achieve and what a work out you can still get from your living room.  The classes are well planned, thought out and supervised, and it helps that Carlo understands how my body moves and my limits.  I am looking forward to my next virtual session!"

Karen finds time in her busy schedule to still do her Zoom Pilates private classes.


"The virtual classes Elevate offers are keeping me mentally sane and physically fit in this prolonged work from home situation. The instructors are doing a great job over the camera and are still able to observe and correct my posture. I’m loving these classes and want to say a big THANK YOU to the Elevate Team for looking after their clients in every possible way!"

Jessica works from home and does private Pilates while WFH.


“I’ve had 2 online Zoom classes with Katherine and I am so thankful that technology has enabled me to continue my pilates sessions, without compromising my weekly routine. Elevate and Kit have always impressed me with their attention to detail to my form and posture, making me feel aligned and “elevated” every time I leave the studio. This transition from studio to online has not changed that in the slightest! Kit is able to catch every detail and alignment from my wrists, spine and to my pelvic positioning. I am half way through my pregnancy, and with limited disruption to my pre-natal program with Elevate, I know this has already has and will continue to make a big difference to how I progress this 40 week journey. Go book your online class today!” 

Even with kids at home, Nicola finds time for herself to do online Pilates via Zoom.
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