Here's What

They’re Saying


"I have been a client of Carlo and David's since 2013 and they have helped me with everything from correcting my chronic knee pain to sciatica to closing my diastisis recti after giving birth. They have truly improved my quality of life and helped me bounce back quickly after a tough pregnancy."


"I would highly recommend Elevate both for athletes looking to recover from an injury or improve their performance, and also those who want to feel stronger and more comfortable on a daily basis. 


I first trained with David in order to recover from a knee injury, which had held me back for some time. He was quick to spot the underlying postural habits that I had developed, and he was able to devise rugby specific exercises and work with me to get me playing competitively again. 


I also found that the stability and postural alignment that I gained from working with David gave me an edge on the pitch in performance and injury prevention, and so his exercises have become an important part of my training regime."

ROWAN VARTY, Professional Rugby Player

"I started seeing David Claase for private classes three years ago after suffering a prolapsed disc (L4-L5), which occurred while training for a marathon at the age of 48. I had been recommended by my doctor and physiotherapist to take up Pilates, which I had never done before. I was in great fear that this was the end of all physical activity and the pain was something I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life. 

On my first visit with David I could not stand upright and was suffering from unbelievable pain. Three years on, my back is completely healed, my posture has never been so good, I have muscles I never thought I had and we have corrected a slight scoliosis of the spine. I have also completed three full marathons (London, New York and Pyongyang) since my injury.  I am also a member of a very competitive Dragon Boat Team here in Hong Kong, taken up Outrigger paddling and snow ski for at least five weeks a year, all completely pain-free, with no back problems at all.

I put my recovery down to the amazing talent of David; he has transformed my life. I would have no hesitation recommending David and Elevate Studios to anyone and everyone.

Thank you, David for all your help and support over the last three years."

DEANNE YOUNG, Student (HKU)/IGCSE English Teaching Asst.

"I haven't been with Elevate since inauguration but they've been with me since my hips started to fail, through my recovery from surgery and now getting strong and ready for hopefully, a full

active lifestyle.


I had my double hip replacement surgeries in September 2016 and February 2017 and after three to four sessions of rehabilitation physiotherapy, I just went with Carlo. I trust in Elevate, in their abilities and I have nothing to regret. I'm doing so well and I believe it's due to both Carlo and David's sensitivity and knowledge of the body and the way we move, stand....our sessions are always an exchange of information and finding ways of working through my various issues. I'm a 'work in progress' and Carlo's sessions are never disinterested or formulaic.

I always walk out feeling well, and my body more supple. 

Obviously my surgeon did an outstanding job on my hip replacements but I have no doubt that Carlo played a big part in the balance of my recovery; and now maintaining my 'movement' health. 

At the risk of sounding corny, I have always felt that Carlo and David are at my side. They are very supportive and become a lot more than just my movement specialists. They've put their hearts into every person who seek their help and that's amazing!"

MING NG, Painter