Why do I need Pilates?

September 27, 20182 min read

Why do I need Pilates?

"I already go to the gym; I don't need Pilates."

You may be right, but on the flip side you may be doing yourself a disservice by not paying attention to your stabilizers when you work out because you're so concerned with building mass (global muscles). Knowing how your stabilizers work actually enhances the gym experience because you can focus on building muscle AND remain injury-free at the same time. Picture it, steady improvement because there is no downtime due to injury.

A man performing a pilates exercise on a bar, demonstrating strength and flexibility.

Total control of strength, stability, and flexibility.

"Pilates is just stretching and I can do that at home."

Pilates is more than merely stretching. There are so many aspects to it; it's like saying ballet is all about turning on one leg. There can be a stretching (flexibility) aspect to a Pilates session, but there's also a combination of:

  1. Moving the spine in all planes of movement.

  2. Engagement of stabilizing muscles.

  3. Deep core activation.

  4. Strength and coordination improvement.

  5. Development of muscular control.

  6. Increased posture and alignment awareness.

  7. Lengthening of muscles.

"I'm too old for Pilates."

We are never too old to start taking a much needed interest in helping ourselves and studies have shown that Pilates slows down the aging process and even beneficially contributes to patients with Parkinson's. Once we age, we may start losing our balance and strength. Pilates offers you a chance to connect with your body and be able to cope with the physical issues you may have as part of getting on in years. Being pain-free is an incentive to start.

"I'm too overweight and inexperienced to do Pilates."

Listen: A Pilates studio should be a safe and welcoming place for everyone. It doesn't matter what you think you look like or how much of a beginner you are, improved strength and fitness will certainly help one who is looking to shed a few pounds. Taking one step forward toward a better you is always a good thing.

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