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The Power of a SMILE


There is ample research about how smiling can be beneficial. One might say that a smile has power. Take this scene in: It has been a long day and you're feeling just a little down and tired. You're in the supermarket to get some stuff for a quick dinner and suddenly you're in a funk because you remember you still have XYZ to do for work before you can relax for the evening. At the checkout counter, the clerk running your purchases is smiling and friendly. You smile back because that's what one does. You pay and leave. END SCENE.

Now think about it... Smiling didn't change the fact you still had to work. It probably didn't make you any less tired either. But it probably made the prospect of working more bearable, didn't it? And for a brief moment lifted you out of your funk when you made the effort to smile BACK.

There are so many things to smile about. A beautiful sunny day in the park with your dogs is only one.

Here's an article on the Top 10 Reasons to Smile Everyday, written by Mark Stibich, PhD. Take a look at Number 3 and you won't have to guess why we got tickled here at Elevate.


Remember that scene at the top of this article? Someone gave their smile to you and you gave it back. Why don't we also start giving smiles away? The world needs more of that in this writer's opinion. That's what we do here at Elevate. Come through our doors and you'll see.

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