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Pandemic Perspectives (September 2022)

Start. No, really. START.

If there is one good takeaway from the pandemic, it would be that we value taking care of ourselves more now. Health and its pursuit is pretty much on everyone's minds. We know that regular and effective exercise keeps the body healthy. A healthy body will have better immunity and be able to recover faster if one gets sick.

This has pushed many people to start or reignite their desire to exercise and yet there are still a group of those who just can't seem to commit to themselves and their health. The reason? They can't get started.

Embarking and keeping on a regular exercise habit can be a challenge. One will always have a reason (or a few) for not starting: work, time, space, money, etc... Sure, those can be very valid points. There is a link to reluctance to exercise and your psychology: article HERE. The problem is that not taking any action can only negatively affect the centre of your life, YOU.

So start. It takes one step. Go for a walk. Join a Pilates class. Forbes has even some tips on how to form good habits that will last. It could be that starting is difficult. Ok, but you still have to start if you want to love yourself the way you deserve. Don't wait. Time flies too quickly.

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