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Pandemic Perspectives (May 2022)

Updated: May 31, 2022

Why do we watch movies?

Recently we were treated to the movie Top Gun Maverick, which is a sequel to the cult classic from 1986 called, you guessed it, Top Gun. This entry will not have any spoilers so you, dear reader, can safely keep riding along with this writer.

The movie was very good. So good that we got so carried away in the story. It's shot beautifully, and has some really breathtaking scenes. After the movie, this writer was thinking about why we watch movies and how many movies have been made over the years. Good ones, bad ones, ones that you want to forget. It's escapism from the real world and where anything can happen. It's an obvious thing, isn't it? Sure, we get a couple of hours respite from our reality but is that all it is?

Truly good movies well, move us. It's because emotion is quite universal and is a shared commonality that transcends borders, race, religion, identity, etc, etc. If an actor hurts, we can empathise and if the actor triumphs, we celebrate. Scary movies have their place to be sure, even though this writer would rather see the dentist than sit through one. Our emotions are toyed with almost. Clever cinematography, well-written scripts and dialogue, gifted acting, music, costumes, sound. There are so many components to making a movie.

We get affected by what we see and hear on film, and we are merely spectators. We don't know the characters, do we? We aren't really there when the bomb goes off or when the ship sinks.

Bear with me, there's a point to be made.

A good movie does this: We are taken into the film's world. Sucked right in. Nothing else matters and we will sit and see it through to the end. In some cases even waiting until the extra scenes are shown during the credits. We are immersed, giving the film our full attention.

Now imagine if we gave human interaction the same value. Sit and really listen to what someone is telling you. Laugh with them, cry with them. See them and be with them. Give the real life person beside you your full attention. Put your phone down because social media can wait. If covid taught us anything it's to value our time with our loved ones. Go do it.

You could also take them to a movie.

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