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Pandemic Perspectives (May 2021)

Thoughts and ideas during the time of Covid-19



by Ching Ng

I enjoy finding and trying new paths to take to the studio whenever I can. As a person who has a terrible sense of direction, this can be challenging. I wondered if I could relate this to my Pilates teaching and I said to myself, "What does this teach me?"

  1. Try a different approach but focus on achieving the same goal(s).

  2. Be patient when it doesn't work and learn from mistakes, which are NOT to be repeated.

  3. Explore possibilities.

  4. A path might take longer, but know that you will get there. Alternatively, you might stumble on a shorter path instead.

  5. Find how to refresh a routine that has been repeated many times.

  6. Don't be afraid to fail.

  7. Lastly, as long as you know there's a goal, trust in yourself to get there.

You know I always make it to the studio. On the way there, I've found new coffee shops or restaurants to try and then enjoyed. Come explore new ways with me. You never know what hidden gems you'll find.


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