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Pandemic Perspectives (March 2022)

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

We Got Another Dog

Yes, we seem to be slowly following in Noah's footsteps. In case you are wondering who Noah is, click HERE.

So last month we added a bird and this month we added a dog. We have been waiting for a long time for her to arrive and it has finally happened.

Our resident fur baby, Oberon (black and tan), is moping right now as this is being written. The new dog, Titania (sable), is everything that a puppy is: full of energy, playful, curious, and goofy. Guess what? Oberon isn't really impressed. He isn't aggressive to her at all but we can tell he is ill at ease and has growled warnings at her when she was being too rambunctious. After having done some research (this writer is not sure he can ever live without Google now), this seems to be a very normal thing and that the proper care and time will help smooth things so that the two dogs get along and learn to live with each other.

The angle of this blog entry this time is about that which can be a real challenge to some of us: adaptability. In Oberon's case, he has no choice but to adapt to the presence of the new puppy. Titania is part of the family now and will be for as long as they both shall live. We are confident that he will, in time, grow to love her immensely, but he will take time in adapting to the new normal. In fact, a week into Titania's arrival they are now lying side by side calmly and without stress. Pop the champagne!

Have you adapted to the new normal? Hopefully it has not been too much of an upheaval for you and your loved ones. In a previous blog entry this writer touched on having some perspective on how we are truly affected by the pandemic, to look at what we have and to be grateful. Many eyes seem to be too focused inward on their oh-so-very-miserable-lives, moaning loudly and dramatically about how inconvenienced they are by regulations and restrictions, while some people are literally fighting for survival either from covid or from bombs falling down from above.

Have you adapted to the new normal? It is in our nature to adapt. We would have gone extinct long ago if we didn't adapt. Change can be unpleasant and sometimes downright awful, but we go on, don't we? Once more the idea of choice comes into play. The REAL question then is: HOW have you adapted to the new normal?

Hopefully, with GRACE.

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