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Pandemic Perspectives (June 2022)

Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to go back in time? You could revisit a beautiful memory, correct mistakes you've made, stay young and even possibly live forever.

In a Marvel universe, this might be possible.

In this reality, no.

We age every second that we are alive. As you read this, some cells in your body perish, and time inexorably keeps propelling you forward to your next birthday. It all seems hopeless. No matter how much we take care of ourselves, ultimately, we age.

So what's the point?

Let's look at what happens when we do age. What's the cliché? Age brings wisdom. Admittedly it's quite different from person to person, but for sure we learn from our experiences and this makes us, hopefully, be better people. The wrinkles on our bodies and the gray hairs on our heads make us more distinguished, more respectable even. Our bodies start to change and we could get a bit slower as we move and maybe lose some of the strength and flexibility we used to have. Joints can get arthritic. Eyesight becomes less sharp even as our minds might start to wander. We might prefer sleeping early, but also waking up really early as our bodies adapt to the change in the pace of our lives.

Lovely. It all sounds so promising. Bear with this writer, there's a point to be made.

There are certainly ways to help keep time from taking over. Exercise, rest, diet smarts, positivity, meditation, even creams and potions are all out there for us to use and consume. Anti-ageing it's called. Well, my friend, it makes it seem that ageing is a bad thing.

Is it really?

Let's agree that we have no choice in the matter, because we don't. So, now what?

Why don't we focus on keeping ourselves healthy and happy now so that when we get older we can still be strong and vital individuals, who just happen to be a bit older? Another cliché: You only live once. This doesn't mean just do what you want because it all doesn't matter anyway. Wrong. It DOES matter. It is this writer's opinion that we can show we love ourselves by how we take care of ourselves. Not in a narcissistic way, but in a respect and accept yourself way.

Ageing isn't bad. It's a wondrous part of life. Having that perspective makes finding another gray hair bearable. Cells regenerate. New skills can be learned. More happy memories can be made. HOW we age is really the crux of this blog entry's argument: Yes, we age. No, we can't stop it. So, age well. Age GRACEFULLY.

The first cliché above about how age brings wisdom could be at work right now...

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