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Pandemic Perspectives (July 2021)

"Lessons, 6 Years On" by Carlo Pacis & David Claase

We stare at the numbers 2, 0, 2, and 1 and realise that 6 years have passed

since we jumped off the cliff and took the plunge, becoming entrepreneurs with no prior business background whatsoever.

Six years. Already.

It has been a roller coaster for us these past years with the protests followed closely by the pandemic. Having to close our doors for these events has taught us more about ourselves and how we conduct business, giving us time to reflect (we were covid-closed for a total of six months) and also strengthening our resolve to be true to our core values. Hmm, this article has taken a sudden philosophical turn...

What have we learned?

  1. People can be awful. Reports of the rise in domestic abuse during the pandemic, xenophobia (Asian hate... not a phobia, just plain old racism, but with an edge), and those that distort the severity of Covid-19 purposefully spreading lies and misinformation. BUT, we also know of frontliners that have literally given their lives in service to others, numerous individuals who have taken the initiative to help those who are sick or those who have lost jobs, and volunteers that work tirelessly trying to make even a small difference in the fight against the virus. Yes, people can be awful but people can be WONDERFUL too.

  2. The future is a scary and stressful concept. Businesses have been failing and closing all over the world. Losing one's livelihood is a reality for too many people now. You can lose it all at any time. BUT there is optimism for us because of the strength of our community and the resilience of the human spirit. It's true that the future is scary, but it's bearable because we have made positive steps to stay strong and keep afloat.

  3. Families have been torn apart. Some have lost loved ones to the disease. Spouses and even extended families have split up because of opposite vaccination beliefs or because communication has broken down too much for it to be salvaged. BUT this is the time when we actually have learned to let our loved ones know how we feel, to hold fast to them and work on relationships, and to support each other (near and far) so we can look ahead to better times together.

Our 6th Anniversary is more than just a celebration of being in business for six years, which we are already elated about. It's an exercise in gratitude, optimism, strength, and resolve that we are doing good work in service to others with our talents that are precious gifts we have been blessed with. We've said it before but the value of our Elevate community comprised of like-minded individuals cannot ever be understated. Together, we can make our lives better.

These are true Pandemic Perspectives. If you're reading this, you are most probably a client who knows us and what we are about. To you we say, THANK YOU.

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