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Pandemic Perspectives (January 2022)

by Carlo Pacis


Rocky Balboa is probably not known to many anymore, but those who do know this movie character from the '80s will remember his tenacity in the boxing ring obliterating his opponents and coming out victorious. Whatever he faced, he faced it DOWN.

Fast forward to 2022 and here we are again shut down. One would imagine we shouldn't have been so surprised that the government closed our studio once more. We weren't, but having faced this before, we should be prepared for it and be optimistic because the closure will end at some point, right? Sure.

So why does this particular closure cause this writer so much anxiety?

It may have finally caught up to him now and has been building up from the past two years. It's 2022 already and we seem to be in the same place we were in 2020. Elevate was closed for a total of 6 months previously. It is disheartening.

Compared to what others are experiencing (loss of life, health, loved ones), our plight is much less painful for sure. This is where the value of perspective comes in. We have always espoused the idea that we need to remain optimistic and be strong in the face of adversity. Well, here it is. Time to walk the walk.

Isn't it interesting that the Year of the Tiger is upon us? The Tiger is a symbol of bravery and strength. How in the world can one even try to embody that when one is in the middle of one's own drama? There is no wallowing in what is happening now, but to be brave and strong is not as simple as saying it to yourself and magically, you are.

I would like to be like the Tiger. Unfortunately there's no method to becoming one. Google is of no help, BUT I know who I am and what I have been through before. I have been brave. I have been strong. There is no reason why I can't be the same now. I need to get out of my own way to be this. We all do. Whatever we face, we can surely make the best of where we are. This is the best way we can show ourselves and the world that we live with an elevated mindset, ready for anything to comes our way.

Whatever it is, we can be brave and strong. Just like Rocky. It's time to cue Eye of the Tiger (by a band called Survivor), which is also the theme song to Rocky III. What are the odds? :-)

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