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Pandemic Perspectives (February 2022)

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

We Got Another Bird

Literally. We got another bird. Our male budgerigar named Avery lost his companion, Amara, who passed away at the beginning of 2022. Avery wasn't showing signs of being depressed or sad, but he is a budgie and budgies are social animals who live in flocks in the wild so getting him a new companion was discussed

and researched.

Enter, Ash. This writer loves a good alliteration so the "a" name had to apply. Right now, Ash is in "quarantine", a word that is met with grimacing here in HK. He is on his 4th day and even though the two budgies are in separate living quarters, when Avery chirps Ash has started to answer back. Why? Because it's in their nature. Social animals they are, and they need/crave interaction.

If tiny little birds have this need, what more for us highly evolved humans, hmmm?Every time this writer sits to share his thoughts on this blog, the question is always, "What to write about now?" Two tiny little sparks of life have the answer this time: talk about how we need each other. We do. In some way or form, we need one another especially now. You might not know it, but human interaction is imperative for mental health. Yes, it's so cliché but the truth stares us in the face when we hear about the anxiety, fear and despair afflicting most everyone at the moment. You feel choked up with fear about what is happening in the world? Talk to someone who will listen and give value to you. . Don't keep it inside. You are not a bottle. Keep lines of communication open and remember that your mental health affects your physical health and vice versa.

I am constantly telling myself these things.

In a nutshell: we got another bird. No man is an island. Stay healthy.

Got it?

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