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Pandemic Perspectives (December 2021)

by Carlo Pacis

IT'S 2022. NOW WHAT?

Over the years, how many resolutions have we made for ourselves? This year, I will eat more healthily. This year, I will work on my fitness more regularly. This year, I will do better.

Those resolutions are actually from my own list, which I'm quite sure mirrors the lists of many out there. Am I able to stay on track with it? NO. My intentions for it are great for sure, and all the outcomes to the resolutions are positive for me so why don't I (we) stick it out and make these a reality?

I don't know. If I did, I would be churning out successful goals by the barrel.

This year, I'm looking at it differently. I would like to go into the new year still with my resolutions, but now arming myself with an important idea that might not have made am impact on me personally before... CHOICE. It's so simple I am floored by my own brilliance (facepalm now). I know we have a choice whether or not to do something and we make choices everyday: what coffee to order, where to eat, what to say. The difference in my idea of choice this year is to go beyond the mundane and make a conscious (and sometimes supreme) effort to choose me. What do I mean?

I will eat more healthily. The choice is processed fast food or fresh cooked meals right? I think the key is to actually choose my health for me and thus eat better.

I will work on my fitness more regularly. Netflix or exercise? I can choose me and be a better me for myself.

I will do better. Is there really a choice in this?

It's not what I set out to do or doing it just because I have to. It's doing it because I value me and if there is a way to show myself that in 2022 then I should get on it... and smile while I do.

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