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Pandemic Perspectives (August 2022)

Pause. No really, pause.

Ok, go.

How often do we have the opportunity to truly pause in our lives? We hear it all the time, "Stop and smell the roses." Is that all we have to do when we take a pause?

This writer experienced covid recently and was required to quarantine and isolate. While the experience of being alone without any interaction with anyone was not awful, it gave this writer a pause that turned out to be illuminating. Having to spend time with oneself can be stressful for some. The opposite was true in this writer's experience. There was no hiding from one's thoughts and no amount of YouTube or Netflix or reading could distract from having to reflect on his current concerns and his feelings about things that have happened in his life. In this case, the reflection was helpful in recognising what was meaningful and what wasn't. Having some clarity was refreshing to say the least.

When do you take a pause? Having it forced upon you is one thing. It's even better when you can take some time to reflect and ponder. Our lives are too busy, teeming with things to do and other external stimuli. Try it. Take a pause and consider what you're going through right now. It might be unpleasant but it could also be helpful and insightful. You might learn more about what you value in life.



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