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Pandemic Perspectives (September 2021)

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

by Carlo Pacis


You Don't Always Have To "Like" It.

A "like" is currency in social media. The billions of daily posts all over the world get validated by the amount of "likes" they receive, creating a culture of instant gratification. Let's be honest, this is why social media becomes addictive; it's not just about getting the likes for your post but also dishing them out to whom we deem worthy of our attention. Worthy is even too lofty for some of the likes we dispense. This approval-seeking cycle (more for some than others) is indicative of how our values have changed already.

We now live in a world where pretty much anyone with enough savvy and know-how can be become famous. It's the new normal. Everywhere on social media there is someone new who creates such buzz that people are drawn to them either to criticise or praise. Unfortunately, being famous doesn't necessarily translate to one having wisdom or common sense. This is true, too often.

Why is this even an issue on a Pilates blog?

Good question. While there is no direct correlation between the the amount of likes the insta-famous receive, and what we do in the studio, the issue of new societal values and how it has changed the way we think on the whole should be concerning. Do we post to edify? And are the likes we give away of value?

We might use social media as a distraction after work, or as a means of keeping in touch with loved ones and friends who are far away. Great. This writer is not advocating a ban on it. This writer, in fact, participates in the process of scrolling, searching, and yes, liking posts. This is what we do now.

Elevate has social media accounts on Instagram and on Facebook. We use it to help grow our business, which helps grow our community. We don't believe that social media is bad per se, which can be seen by our increased growth on both platforms. We just need to reflect at times on what we share or what we like. Many people believe that actions speak louder than words. What do our actions on social media say about us, what we believe, what we value?

Here at the studio we teach all our clients to be mindful of how they use their bodies. This is how we all get to improving, getting stronger and more flexible. Mindfulness can be brought to all aspects of our lives. Let's try it on how we use social media; it isn't going away anytime soon. For now, let's pause and reflect on what we truly LIKE.

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