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Elevate Perspectives (September 2023): Patience is a virtue. And it’s HARD.

Online shopping has never been easier. Search, point, click, and then wait for it to be delivered. If everything goes well, it arrives within a few days or maybe a week or two (international purchases!). You can even pay more for it to get shipped quickly. Oh, joy. It’ll arrive and might be exactly as described or it could be not quite what you expected. Either way, the current ease in shopping has made it so that we hardly really wait.

This is true for so many facets of our lives today. We want something and poof, it’s there. We post on social media and moments later, it’s “liked”. Watching a TV series can be binged on and you’ll finish what was once worth 4 months of watching once a week (because we had to wait for the next episode) in two days. Even testing for covid was so quick and easy!

Plain and simple, we really don’t need to wait.

Unfortunately this is not the case for a few important things.

Say you have a newly diagnosed medical issue that needs medication and monitoring. For the doctor to make sure that the medicine is doing its job well, you’ll have to be on it for a while and then only re-test after a period of time. And so you wait.

One month.

Three months.


But there’s no help for it because these things cannot be rushed. Ultimately, you must be patient. Sometimes this is the hardest thing to do. If all goes well after the wait then great but if not, then the cycle starts again with newly prescribed meds. The waiting continues.

It’s the same with exercise and fitness. If there was a “fitness pill” that could be invented imagine the speed and ease to get fit and healthy. Alas, there isn’t one. There are no shortcuts when we talk about improving the physical body’s condition. One workout isn’t enough. To see improvement in the body it has to be:

  • Continuous

  • Consistent

  • Well thought out

  • Guided.

This all takes PATIENCE. Sure, the feel good after one workout can be immediate and is gratifying, but the real long-term benefits will only be apparent after one month, three months, six. The creator of Pilates said it well:

“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” — Joseph Pilates

Truly committing to an exercise regimen takes dedication. One lesson covid taught the world is “health is wealth”. Many start exercising but stop only after two weeks because they aren’t motivated enough. What was their goal? To get fit and healthy. Too bad it took longer than they anticipated. They couldn’t wait.

It may be hard to be patient, but it is SO VERY WORTH IT.

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