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Elevate Perspectives (October 2023): MOVE.

How does your body feel when you stand up after watching a really long movie? Stiff? Needing to stretch a bit and move?

Everyone experiences this.

A certain flagship airline uses #feelsgoodtomove. It obviously is a reference to us having the ability to travel much more easily again after covid. The airline uses this cleverly because it’s fundamentally true. It feels good to move because our bodies are designed for movement. From the way our skeleton and joints are made to how the muscles interconnect and interplay to perform intricate movements (like typing on a keyboard as this is written), the body is designed to MOVE. When we stop this from happening then the body gets sad. Well, not really sad but you get it, right?

Our biomechanical, physiological, and psychological functions and processes are affected by movement. A really good example is how pregnant women are encouraged to walk to help prepare the body for birth. It doesn't help the expectant mother to sit and wait it out. This means the body responds well to movement. This is why regular exercise is recommended (and should be the norm) to remain fit and healthy.

Movement also promotes a sense of well-being. In this post-covid time, people are more generally aware of their personal health, physically and mentally. Movement plays a big role in that. Netflix, social media, phone and tablet use have made us beings that sit and only use our hands for movement for long periods of time. When you think about it, the idea of “movement as medicine” rings true.

If you google “movement as medicine” you will find a long list of podcasts, gyms, pilates studios and physiotherapists who promote this. While the medicinal benefits of movement cannot replace something like insulin for diabetics, the benefits appear after only a good amount of time. Let’s go back to the idea of diabetes. You or someone you know might be having this issue. The type of diabetes one has will affect what medicines are used. Many have pills and tablets without having to use insulin. Others need the insulin with the pills. Whatever the case, it is recommended by doctors that regular physical activity be a part of one’s plan to manage diabetes. There are so many benefits, from sleeping better to feeling happier. Read about it HERE.

Physical activity is a foundation of diabetes management and physical activity is movement.

If you are reading this blog entry that could be because: you are a client at Elevate or you are interested in health and fitness OR you are that wonderful combination of both! Whatever the case, YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK. Training with Elevate will only help you in the long run. Don’t doubt it and trust the process. We should all be grateful that we can move our bodies. Some just can't. It's a gift we need to be aware of and treasure. So stay committed to your exercise every week, and you will see yourself getting better and stronger. After all, it’s in our name…

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