Elevate Perspectives (February 2023)

February 27, 20232 min read

Elevate Perspectives (February 2023): Changing Your Space

A desk space for working.

This writer is sitting and enjoying the newly bought lamp for his desk, which has been moved to a different room after a wardrobe was removed from it. Did you follow that?

Ah, it’s nice and he smiles while typing this.

What is it about changing up your space that gives you a good feeling? Have you noticed that rearranging furniture in your house makes you so satisfied and content?

Our living spaces are significant because they are our safe havens from the outside world. For some, these spaces are sacred. We get to be our true selves there and we feed, comfort, cleanse, then recharge ourselves before heading out again the next day. Then at the end of the day, we feel relief as we head back to that space, our home.

Because they are that integral to our lives, getting the arrangement of furniture and creating a harmonious space can take time and even practice. When you get it right, you know. The Chinese practice of feng shui aims to create balance and bring positivity to your life. Many people practice feng shui and implement those principles to the best of their abilities. One thing is for sure: when feng shui is properly observed, there is complete satisfaction and a sense of well-being.

Click here to learn more about feng shui.

Now even if you don’t practice feng shui you would probably arrange your living space according to what works best for you. In our pursuit of well-being now that the world is opening up post-COVID, we don’t need to look far afield for ways to make our lives better. It could be as simple as getting a new lamp for that desk that was moved over to the other room where the one wardrobe is now gone. Wink wink.

Here’s more about how changing a space can affect us positively.

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