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Elevate Perspectives (December 2022)

Ready, Set, Maybe Later...

Here we are. On the cusp of a brand new year. Can you feel it? It's grinning at you with the promise of better things. Take a short look back on the last few weeks with this writer. There have been a few gatherings. Treats were had and maybe a few extra. You nod to yourself, thinking that you will finally make a difference and hit the ground running in 2023. This time it will be better. This time will be different. "How?" you ask yourself. "It just will be." is the answer you give.

Ah, there it is. The resolve and the determination that goes along with it. You've made a mental note to be tougher on yourself. There's a list of goals that you will accomplish and you will tick them off one by one. Optimism is key, right?

Now jump ahead to the first week of January 2023. Yes, we are travelling to the future. What do you see? Have you started hitting those goals hard and crushing them? This writer hopes you have. And if you haven't, continue reading on...

We know that many people aren't able to sustain the enthusiasm and drive to continue on in their resolutions. For statistics on this click here. Some people don't even get their rockets to lift off the ground. The idiom is, "Every great journey begins with one step." Without taking any steps we don't get anywhere. Sure, having the best intentions for your resolutions is great but you've got to start. And starting is sometimes very hard to do. Or what happens usually is that we start with such vigour and purpose and then we feel disheartened by the road we see ahead, which is full of hard gruelling work to get to our goals and so we allow ourselves to take it easy the next time and then even easier the next. Our train runs out of steam and we've barely left the station.

How do we fix that? This writer would like to share a short article from that gives us 5 Ways To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions. The best part in the article isn't the section on exercise, but the last bit where empathy is discussed and how it is a strong motivator in shifting our behaviour. Read it. It can help you keep one foot in front of the other until you reach a goal.

BUT... You've got to take that first step.

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