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Do you know that pregnancy is the ultimate endurance test?

by Katherine Sanchez Trofeo, May 2021

Nowadays, Pilates is commonly added as a fitness regimen to varied groups of people. Let’s take a look at why Pilates can be valuable to expectant mothers. In the journal called Science Advances, Herman Pontzer, Duke University associate professor of evolutionary anthropology, has concluded that pregnancy is the ultimate endurance activity after studying metabolic rates of marathon runners, cyclists, Antarctic trekkers and pregnant women. Marathon runners perform at 16 times their normal metabolic resting rate, cyclist at 5 times and Antarctic trekker at 3.5 time. A pregnant woman will be functioning at 2.2 times her resting rate but will do so for 280 days while the other athletes do so only for a couple of days. Plus, a pregnant woman will work and carry on as if life is normal for those 9 months carrying her baby.

This fact is something we respect at Elevate. We give utmost value to our Pre and Post Natal clients and guide their fitness journey bearing in mind that exercises given are appropriate to the physiological processes/changes happening during pregnancy. For example, subtle but significant changes in the pelvis are addressed in simple pelvic rolls on the stability ball. We try to get as much mind-body connection so that mom-to-be will still feel her own connection to her body despite the minute-by-minute changes happening inside her tummy. We discover ways for her to balance finding stability and mobility in her body as hormonal changes, late sleepless nights, diet changes, varying energy levels can make her feel at a lost to her fitness level. Pilates at Elevate can be her support system to make her enjoy precious “me” time so that she can be at her best physical and mental state.

This Mother’s Day, we salute all moms, for being the best “endurers” who bring out the gift and miracle of life.

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