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Do you have spring-envy?

Be honest, Reader. You do.

Wait a sec... What in the world is spring-envy?

It's when you look over at the other person in the reformer pilates class with you and he/she is on 2 red springs and 1 blue spring and you're only on 2 reds and you feel a tinge of envy because in your head he/she is somehow stronger (therefore "better") than you.

At the outset let me say that it's OK to have spring-envy. Why? First it says you aware of where you stand and that there could be a goal to reach. Second, it shows you care about how good you want to be in your classes. Third, it spurs you on to work harder to achieve something.

So it's OK to have it... I can finish typing now. Actually, I can't.

Having spring-envy can be a default mindset that we carry through our lives. That whole "grass is greener" attitude. Or that the cheesecake at the next table looks way better than the brownie you're currently having. We tend to look around and compare what others may have, without actually seeing the value of what we have.

Reader, I think you would agree that it all boils down to perspective. Sure, the person

next to you in pilates may be stronger but that is his/her situation and not yours. While it would be great to be able to churn out reps at a heavy setting (not really the point of pilates, but I digress) their goals are not yours. Remember why you come into the studio

and trust your instructors to assess where your body is at. The grass might be greener on the other side, so why don't you water your own lawn and fertilise it. Give it time, and with perseverance you could actually be featured in Better Homes & Gardens. ;-)

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