Yoga, Ballet Coaching

Irene is a former artist who danced with The Hong Kong Ballet, and in her 10-year career she performed numerous principal roles with the company. Her Romanian ballet teacher brought yoga into her life in 1994 and Irene attributes the healing of  her asthma and serious back injury during her mid-dancing career to it. Her dedication to yoga practise has brought her a new knowledge of life, and appreciating the balance between the mind and the physical body with the deep connection to her soul, which awakens the sensation of the body and the awareness of mind. Yoga has been part of her life these past 23 years, and Irene would really love to share all these wonderful experiences to everyone around her bringing them light, joy, and warmth. 


Irene is a certificated yoga instructor under Yoga Alliance and finished the intensive training of Yin Yoga with founder Paul Grilley. She is also certified in Yoga Anatomy by Ellen Heel and True North Yoga Anatomy by Trish Brown. In her 12 years as a Yoga Instructor she has taught Hot, Hatha, Yin, Yin-Yang yoga, injury work as well as working with groups of dancers internationally for dance safety and body conditioning. In 2013, she was certified in Anti-Gravity Yoga.  Irene is currently a faculty member of the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts teaching yoga and  ballet for the full-time program and the Gifted Young Dancer Programme.

Irene Lo